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The Systems & Bussines was established in 2004, and we are distinguished by years of experience in providing integrated packages of products, solutions and various ICT services to Lines. This success is in line with our policy of creating quality services that meet the aspirations of our customers from all sectors ranging from individuals and companies of all sizes to sectors and organizations Governmental organizations. Thus realizing our objectives and ambitions to position our name among the largest companies in the IT sector in the Kingdom. Our study of the booming local market, which lasted nearly two years before the launch of the company, contributed directly and effectively to achieving our main objectives by creating a new Saudi company that competes with many existing companies, providing solutions and services for computer, wired and wireless networks, intelligent control systems, maintenance work, technical support, As well as direct sales and post-sale services, and the most important reasons for success

The main reasons for choosing our services

System & Bussines combines trust, high performance, ease of use and technical support to meet your needs as quickly as possible. We offer you everything your site needs in one package, just simple steps, and your site will be in your hands.

Trust and safety

Our work is based on trust between us and you. Unless we are legally bound to disclose, we are committed to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of any information about you and your site. We will strive at all times to ensure the confidentiality and protection of this information whether it is provided to us through one of our branches or on the telephone or through the website.

Customer satisfaction is our first goal

At the Digital Server Center we do not end up making sure you are satisfied with the services we will provide you. Whether you need a one-page location or a series of multi-page websites, we guarantee you high quality, reliable service and reasonable prices. And on all days of the week, all in order to obtain reliable and high-performance hosting services.

Luxury equipment

Our servers contain the latest and most up-to-date hardware, and our servers include Quad-Core Xeon processors, 32-16GB memory and SA-SCSI hard drives with RAID 10. We use luxury hardware to ensure optimum performance.

We listen to what our clients say

We provide hosting services for government, commercial and personal sites of various sizes, some of which are still in its infancy and some of which are among the leading sites in its field, and we seek to support our customers by listening to their needs.

What about the vision and mission of the company!

Our ability and core competency lies in our ability to understand market variables and adapt to the challenges of rapid changes in the IT industry and to meet them through better resource utilization and continuous training of our staff, which has contributed to our many projects.

What We Do

Through our years of experience, we have been able to offer a full range of products, solutions, and services to Nestor. This is a continuous success based on our policy to create and create quality services that meet the expectations of our customers from all sectors, starting with individuals and companies of all sizes, sectors and government organizations. Thus realizing our goals and ambitions to put our name on the largest companies operating in the IT sector in the Kingdom. Our study the local market booming, which lasted nearly two years before the launch of the company’s business contributed directly and effectively in achieving our main goals by creating a new Saudi company compete with many existing companies, working to provide computer services and networks, telecommunications and control systems, smart maintenance, technical support and systems development solutions and software, as well as direct sales and after-sales service, and the most important reasons for our successes and now we create outstanding staff and the many partnerships we have built with many international companies,

Cloud Computing Services

Host your site in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety, with technical support and support, you only have to choose the most appropriate way to start the establishment of your domain and hosting .. is the beginning

Web Development & Design

Specialized Coders .. To apply your ideas, a specialized of software engineers, programmers and professional developers, who have academic degrees and experience that made them always in touch with all developments and developments on the Internet arena Arab and global.

IT and Security Consultancy

Our ability to execute beyond the imagination and remains required of the client is the basis for us in his place to imagine, creativity and implementation .. And our commitment to all that achieves its objectives in its desired work. Just simple steps, and your site will be ready to use. These are some of the reasons that make us your first choice .

Automates Enterprises Processes

is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching on telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some processes have been completely automated.

Now join our network of large clients with our services !

Systems and Bussines is a Saudi company that provides web hosting services, web design, smart device applications, and many other technical services that helped the business community to complete their work as quickly as possible. They have provided services to many government agencies and private companies over the past 10 years.

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